Scientists Identify Cause of Widespread Eye Disease

As per latest findings, the most probable cause of widespread eye disease Branch retinal vein occlusion (blockage of the blood vessels that channel blood from the retina) has been identified. Scientists have shown that it is highly probable that thickening of the arterial walls is behind the disease which is a type of blood clot in the eye that blocks the vessels that transport blood from the retina. The disease leads to reduced vision and affects more than 14 million people worldwide. The earlier known causes behind the disease were vague and unclear.

What could be possible benefits of the findings?

The findings makes it crucial for doctors to treat patients diagnosed with the disease with medicine to lower blood pressure in order to prevent blood clots from forming in the heart and brain. Branch retinal vein occlusion is often a sign of increased risk of blood clots in other parts of the body. Disease prevention and treatment of these patients should be targeted at hypertension, diabetes and atherosclerosis, while doctors can save patients from unnecessary treatment with anticoagulants.

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Turkey lifts veto against NATO’s non-military cooperation with Israel

NATO member Turkey is ready to lift veto on non-military cooperation b/w the alliance members and Israel. It had imposed the veto following Israeli attack on Turkish humanitarian aid ship to Gaza in 2010.

In a quid pro quo, several NATO allies of Israel agreed to withdraw a veto against cooperating with Turkey-friendly countries, mainly in the Arabian region.

However, Turkey still maintains its ban on joint military activities and also reserves the right to bar activities with Israel on its own soil. The relations b/w the two nations strained after the Gaza ship raid. The latest agreement has come in the backdrop of NATO’s consent to install Patriot anti-aircraft missiles along the Turkish border with Syria.

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