NASA’s Mars 2020 rover mission to have MOXIE to generate Oxygen on Mars

The US space agency NASA has decided to put MOXIE – Mars Oxygen ISRU Experiment as one of the payloads on the Mars 2020 rover mission. MOXIE will produce oxygen on MARS using the Martian atmospheric Carbon Dioxide (CO2). NASA will launch the Mars 2020 rover mission in July or August 2020. The conversion of CO2 into Oxygen will be beneficial for human respiration. The oxygen can be used as an oxidizer for rocket fuel for return mission. If this experiment is successful it will make future manned missions easier.

MOXIE is among the seven selected instruments that will be sent on Mars mission with a view to determine the potential habitability of the Mars environment, and directly search for signs of early Martian life.

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Government plans to set up Telecom Finance Corporation

The central Government has proposed to establish a Telecom Finance Corporation (TFC) in the 12th Five Year Plan period (2012-17). As per the proposal, TFC would be registered as Non-Banking Finance Company and Non-Deposit Infrastructure Finance Company. It would be a Public Sector Unit (PSU) under the administrative control of Department of Telecom (DoT).

The time frame to establish the main sources of funds for TFC shall be through issue of taxable and tax-free bonds. The other sources of funds include term loans from banks/financial institutions and off-shore borrowings and borrowings from multilateral institutions such as Asian Development Bank, International Monetary Fund, World Bank and other sovereign funds.

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