Lt Gen Amit Sharma appointed Commander-in-Chief of SFC

Lt Gen Amit Sharma (58) has been appointed as the new Commander-in-Chief of Strategic Forces Command (SFC) which guards the nuclear weapon store of the country. He takes charge from Vice Admiral S P S Cheema as the latter has moved to Kochi to head the Navy’s Southern Command based there. Previously, Sharma was the Chief of Staff of Japiur-based South Western Command of the army and had headed its elite 21 Strike Corps.

The SFC is responsible to implement the directives of the Nuclear Command Authority (NCA). It has the sole responsibility of starting the process of delivering nuclear arsenal after receiving approval from NCA.

Vice-President presented with Book titled “Warrior State” authored by T V Paul

Vice President Hamid Ansari was presented with the book titled Warrior State: Pakistan in the Contemporary World written by T V Paul.

The book presents a broad perspective of Pakistan’s insecurity quandary using literature from sociology, history, religious studies, and international relations. In addition, it introduces the concept of geostrategic curse, an important view akin to resource curse and oil curse. The book offers potent tool for policymakers and researchers alike to understand this crucial yet disturbed country. T V Paul is James McGill Professor of International Relations in the Department of Political Science at McGill University, Montreal, Canada.