SARAL to boost remote sensing ability of India

SARAL (Satellite with ARgos and ALtiKa)

image With the launch of SARAL satellite carrying AltiKa and an Argos-3 instrument2 is scheduled to be launched on December 2012 and with this the remote sensing ability of the country will get a boost up.

The SARAL Mission:

The SARAL-Altika mission is a combined effort of ISRO and the French Space Agency (CLS).

  • CLS, a subsidiary of CNES (French Space Agency ‘Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales’).
  • The satellite will map the variability of the sea level.
  • It will also provide data to support operational research in marine meteorology and sea state forecast as well as seasonal forecast.
  • The satellite will be carrying the ARGOS system for CLS and that will help in the transmission of data from Argo floats.
  • The mission is complementary to the Jason-2 mission of NASA/NOAA and CNES/EUMETSAT.
  • It will fill the gap b/w Envisat and the Sentinel 3 mission of the European GMES program.

Firstly lets see some terms:

What is an Altimeter?

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