PM Narendra Modi launches Kisan Suvidha mobile app

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched Kisan Suvidha mobile application for farmers to provide agricultural relevant basic information quickly.

Kisan Suvidha is an omnibus mobile app that will provide basic information on subjects such as market prices, seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, weather and agriculture machinery.

Key Features

  • The app has a simple interface and the information will be available in Hindi and English.
  • It will provide information on five critical parameters weather, market price, input dealers, plant protection and expert advisories.
  • To begin with, a farmer has to register the mobile number, choose a language and also must enter details of the state, district and block or sub-district.
  • Weather section: It will show details of humidity, temperature, wind and rainfall for the current day and the forecast for the next five days.
  • Additionally, a farmer will be also provided with the extreme weather alerts like hailstorms or unseasonal rains.
  • Market price section: It will show latest price of all crops traded in a registered agriculture market or mandi of the particular district.
  • Plant protection section: It will give pest, weed and disease-related information as well as management practices for each stage of crop development from nursery to harvesting.
  • Agro advisory section: It will show messages for farmers from district agriculture officials and state universities in their local language.
  • Kisan call centre: The app also directly connects the farmer with the Kisan call centre where technical graduates answer their queries.



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