UN posthumously honors 8 Indian soldiers among 106 UN peacekeepers

The UN honored 106 peacekeepers, including 8 Indian soldiers, who lost their lives in various UN peacekeeping operations on the occasion of the International Day of UN Peacekeepers on May 30.

Indian Army United Nations peacekeeping missions

India has been the leading troop UN Peace Keeping Missions since its commencement. Up to now India has participated in 43 UN Peacekeeping missions with an involvement surpassing 1,60,000 troops and a noteworthy number of police personnel having been positioned. In 2014, India is the 3rd largest Troop Contributor [TCC] with 7,860 personnel positioned with 10 UN Peacekeeping Missions, of which 995 are police personnel including the first Female Formed Police Unit under the United Nations.Recently, Indian Peacekeepers were applauded by the UN for their works in checking a massacre in the South Sudan.

Past UN Peace Keeping Missions of the Indian Army

Indian Armed forces’ contributions to the United Nations Peacekeeping Missions since 1950:-

  • Korea (1950–54)
  • Indo-China (1954–70)
  • Middle East (1956–67)
  • Congo (1960–64) (ONUC)
  • Cambodia (1992-1993)
  • Mozambique (1992–94) (ONUMOZ)
  • Somalia (1993–94) (UNITAF & UNOSOM II)
  • Rwanda (1994–96) (UNAMIR)
  • Angola (1989-1999) (UNAVEM)
  • Sierra Leone (1999-2001) (UNAMSIL)
  • Ethiopia-Eritrea (2006–08) (UNMEE)

Current UN Peace Keeping Missions of the Indian Army

  • The Indian Armed Forces are currently undertaking the following UN Missions:-
  • Lebanon (UNIFIL) (Since Dec 1998)
  • Congo (MONUSCO) (Since January 2005)
  • Sudan and South Sudan (UNMIS/UNMISS) (Since April 2005)
  • Golan Heights (UNDOF) (Since February 2006)
  • Ivory Coast (UNOCI) (Since April 2004)
  • Haiti (MINUSTAH) (Since December 1997)
  • Liberia (UNMIL) (Since April 2007)