President Pranab Mukherjee conferred Infosys Prize 2015

President Pranab Mukherjee has conferred the Infosys Prizes to six winners for their outstanding contribution in the research fields in New Delhi for the year 2015.

These six winners in six different categories are

  • Jonardon Ganeri: He was awarded in Humanities category for his outstanding work in interpreting and scrutinizing analytical Indian Philosophy.
  • Umesh Waghmare: He was awarded in Engineering and Computer Science category for his innovative use of first-principles theories and modeling of certain materials such as topological insulators, multiferroics, ferroelectrics and graphene.
  • Mahan Maharaj: He was awarded in Mathematical Sciences category for his contributions to low-dimensional topology, geometric group theory and complex geometry.
  • Amit Sharma: He was awarded in Life Sciences category for his contributions in deciphering the molecular structure at the atomic level of key proteins involved in the biology of pathogenesis of the deadly malarial parasite.
  • Ravindra Kumar: He was awarded in Physical Sciences category for his pioneering experimental contributions to the physics of high intensity laser matter interactions.
  • Srinath Raghavan: He was awarded in Social Sciences category for outstanding research that synthesizes military history, strategic analysis and international politics into powerful and imaginative perspectives on India in global context.

About Infosys Prize

  • Infosys Prize is an annual award bestowed upon researchers, scientists, social scientists and engineers in India by the Infosys Science Foundation (ISF).
  • The Prize is given to six categories Life Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, Engineering and Computer Science, Social Sciences, Physical Sciences and Humanities.
  • Each category prize carries a 22-carat gold medallion, a citation certificate and prize money of 65 Lakh rupees. It is one of the highest monetary awards in India that recognize the scientific research.



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