Rajasthan becomes No. 1 state in solar energy in India

Rajasthan has become number one state in the country in terms of total installed capacity of solar energy.

It was revealed in recently released data by the Union Ministry of New and Renewable Energy.  Rajasthan with total 1,167 megawatt (MW) installed capacity has surpassed Gujarat (1000 MW) which was previous number one state in the country.

Top five states in India are (in terms of installed capacity)

  • Rajasthan: 1047 MW.
  • Gujarat: 1000 MW.
  • Madhya Pradesh:563 MW.
  • Maharashtra: 363 MW.
  • Andhra Pradesh: 247 MW.

In 2014, Rajasthan government had released its Solar Policy which aimed at installing 25000 MW of solar power in state. In this policy state government had introduced numerous investor-friendly measures to tap full potential of solar power.

One of the key measure introduced was to installed solar plants was through State, Private Enterprises or Public-Private partnership (PPP). In this regard state government had inked agreements number of private companies to develop solar parks with a cumulative capacity of 26,000 MW.

It should be noted that Rajasthan has all natural advantage for solar parks such as abundant barren land and high solar radiation (insolation) in the country.



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