Researchers reveal first 3D map of Zika virus structure

Researchers from the Purdue University in Indiana in United States have achieved a breakthrough by revealing the first 3D map of the Zika virus structure

It is considered as one of the major breakthrough in the battle against the mosquito-borne Zika virus. Study in this regard was published in the journal Science.

Key discovery

  • The first 3D map of the Zika virus structure was produced at the atomic level.
  • The 3D map reveals insights of virus that are critical to finding an effective antiviral treatment or vaccine for the virus.
  • Applications: It will help to compare structure of the virus to its related viruses such as dengue and West Nile virus which it does have some similarities.
  • The structure of the virus provides a map that shows potential regions of the virus that could be targeted by a therapeutic treatment.
  • Thus support to create an effective vaccine or to improve ability to diagnose and distinguish Zika infection from that of other related viruses.
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    zika is very dangerous

    be safe

    be alert

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    we must do something about its treatment