US scientists ‘re-engineering’ Tulsi

At the Western Kentucky University, an Indian-American scientist Chandrakanth Emani along with his team is genetically engineering tulsi or basil to raise its pharmaceutical value.

They have genetically engineered tulsi to produce eugenol, a compound in tulsi that has a great pharmaceutical value that can control breast cancer. Tulsi is a medicinal plant and has anti-cancerous metabolites.

About Tulsi or Basil
  • Common name: Holy Basil, Sacred Basil
  • Scientific name: Ocimum tenuiflorum or Ocimum sanctum.
  • Family: Lamiceae or the mint plants category.
  • Chemical constituents: Eugenol, Ursolic acid, Rosmarinic acid, Chlorophyll, Caryophyllene, Oleanolic acid, etc.
  • Nutritional compounds: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, etc.
  • Every part of this plant is useful and has been used traditionally as an Aurvedic medicine.
  • Uses: Cures a fever, protects Heart, alleviate stress, dissolves kidney stones, anti-cancerous, keeps our skin and hair healthy and glowing, cures respiratory conditions, etc.
  • Tulsi can protect from radiation poisoning and can also heal damages from it. It acts as a vaccine against pox if consumed regularly.

It is anti carcinogenic and it found to be effective in healing nearly all types of cancer and tumors.

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