South Asian Sub-Regional Drug Focal Point meeting begins in New Delhi

Sub-Regional Drug Focal Point Meeting and Colombo Plan Drug Advisory Programme (CPDAP), South Asia under the Drug Demand Reduction (DDR) Expert Group Consultation has begun in New Delhi.

The three-day meeting was inaugurated by Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh which has been organised by Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB).

Key facts

  • Main objective is to review the progress of the Drug Demand and Supply Reduction activities in the South Asia region.
  • Facilitate exchange of views between delegates on technical aspects of the drug cooperation programme and it aims at achieving efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Address the needs of the member states and help formulate a uniform strategic plan to address drug use and abuse related problems.
  • CPDAP will provide a great platform to coordinate among different countries fighting for the cause of drug menace.
  • About 40 delegates from various participating countries are participating in this meeting.

Drug Menace in South Asia region

  • South Asia region is present on the so called Golden Crescent (overlaps Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan) and Golden Triangle (overlaps Myanmar, Laos and Thailand) which are two main opium-producing areas in the world.
  • Part of South West and South East Asia are more venerable for drug trafficking and its abuse especially among the youth is matter of concern.
  • The involvement of various terrorist groups and syndicates in drug trafficking has been seen as grave threat to national security and sovereignty of countries in this region.
  • India’s concern: Due to its close proximity with major opium growing areas of the region, India is facing the serious menace of drug trafficking and spillover effect.



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