Airports Current Affairs - 2020

K-FON Project of Kerala to be implemented by December

On May 30, 2020, the Kerala Government announced that the ambitious project of the state called the K-FON (Kerala Fibre Optic Network) project is to be implemented by December 2020.

Key Features of the Project

Under the K-FON project the Kerala Government aims to link all the houses and offices in the state with optical fibre network. In order to achieve this, the State Government has allocated Rs 1548 crores. The project is to be implemented by the State IT Infrastructure Limited and State Electricity Board, both owned by the State Government.

The project will ptovide net connectivity to all families even to those that do not fall under Below Poverty Line at affordable rates.


Around 30,000 government offices are to benefit from the project. It also includes educational institutions. Alongside, the project is to give a push to E-Health programmes of the state. The project will also benefit airports, seaports, IT parks, e-commerce platforms. The project is to link mobile towers for better internet services.

Temperature controlled largest Terminal to store Agro and Pharma Products launched at Mumbai airport

The Mumbai airport has recently launched the world largest temperature-controlled facility to store agro and pharma products. The “Export Cold Zone” launched is capable of holding more than 700 tonnes of cargo.


The terminal connects 500 cargo destinations spread across 175 countries. The unit is spread over 6,000 square metres. It is spread across 12 truck docks equipped with dock-levellers, automated workstations, spacious acceptance and examination area, X-Ray machines and Ball mat system for Unit Load Device.

Mumbai Airport is one of the few airports in the world, first in the country and third in Asia to obtain IATA CEIV PHARMA accreditation.


It is an accreditation provided by International Air Transport Association. The Centre of Excellence for Independent Validators in Pharmaceuticals Logistics (CEIV Pharma) was launched by IATA in order to enhance the supply chain of pharma products all over the world. This accreditation establishes safety, security, efficiency and compliance in handling pharmaceutical products.