Andhra Pradesh [APPSC] Current Affairs - 2020

Activities of APCOS launched by Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy

For ensuring corruption-free job placements, Y.S Jaganmohan Reddy (Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh) has formally launched the activities of state-owned placement agency-Andhra Pradesh Corporation for Outsourced Services (APCOS) through video conferencing on 3rd July 2020. Some outsourcing staff working in the General Administration Department were handed over appointment letters by the Chief Minister for the launch of the activities of APCOS.

The Chief Minister at the launch stated that with the establishment of APCOS, for hiring outsourcing employees the corrupt practices will be eliminated. As per the policy of the Andhra Pradesh Government of providing 50 reservation for minorities, women, SCs, STs, and BCs, the same will also be applicable under APCOS.


On 18th October 2019, APCOS was incorporated as a Not-For-Profit Company under the Companies Act 2013. APCOS was created with the aim of the Andhra Pradesh state government for bringing transparency into governance by ending corruption and nepotism,  as over the years, the complaints in the recruitment process of outsourcing employees have significantly increased such as unpaid or delayed salaries, brides demanded at various levels for getting the job, etc.

With the launch of APCOS, recruitment of outsourcing employees will now be made online in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Also, the salaries of the outsourcing employees will now be directly transferred into the bank accounts of the employees.

3 Million Houses will be Built under YSR Jagananna Colonies

The State Government of Andhra Pradesh will take up the construction of 3 Million (30 lakh) houses under the YSR Jagananna Colonies project after distributing the house sites to the beneficiaries on 8th July 2020. Jagananna Colonies is part of the State Government’s Navratnalu- Pedalandariki Illu (houses for all the poor) Program.

YSR Jagananna Colonies Project

For the land acquisition of the colonies, the state government will bear around Rs 10,000 to Rs 11,000 crore. The house sites will be provided at Rs 1 to the selected white Ration Card beneficiaries. The total expenditure for the project including the share of the Central Government is estimated at RS 50,000 crore.

The project will be implemented in two phases with 15 lakh houses being constructed in each phase. Construction for the first phase will begin on 28th August this year while the second phase construction will begin from August 2021. All necessary facilities will be provided in the colonies such as water, connecting roads, electricity, etc. Each house will have a carpet area of 230 square feet. The cost of each house is estimated to be around Rs 1.80 lakh.

The State Government has set a target for completion of the project by 2024.