Animal Cloning Current Affairs - 2020

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Sach-Gaurav: India’s first cloned Assamese buffalo born

The Central Institute for Research on Buffaloes (CIRB) has claimed that India’s first cloned Assamese buffalo male calf named Sach-Gaurav was born in Hisar, Haryana. It was born to Murrah buffalo, at Hi Tech Sach Dairy Farm, 100 kms from cloning laboratory, making it first buffalo calf to be born in field.

Key Facts

Animal cloning is an excellent reproductive tool for conservation and multiplication of selected superior animals of buffalo breeds. This is second cloned male buffalo produced by ICAR-CIRB after Hisar-Gaurav, born in December 2015.

The Sach-Gaurav calf was produced unique methods and was delivered through normal delivery. The birth weight of calf was 54.2 kgs and it was in good health. It had normal physiological parameters and blood profile. The genotype of calf was confirmed by microsatellite analysis (parentage verification) and chromosome analysis.

The small tissue of Assamese buffalo was airlifted from Veterinary College, Khannapara, Guwhati, 2000 km away from cloning laboratory in Hisar to culture establish donor cells. Its embryos were transported for about two hours before being transferred into recipient mothers. The ovaries of Murrah buffaloes were used as source of recipient oocytes.

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CIRB Hisar becomes second institute to clone buffalo in India

Scientists at the Central Institute for Research on Buffaloes (CIRB) in Hisar, Haryana have successfully produced a cloned buffalo offspring named ‘Cirb Gaurav’.

CIRB scientists have achieved this feat under the project entitled- Cloning for conservation and multiplication of superior buffalo germplasm.

Key facts

  • Cirb Gaurav cloned buffalo calf is distinct from the earlier clones produced in India. It has been produced from cells of ventral side of tail of superior bull buffalo.
  • The ventral side of tail was chosen because it is least exposed to sunlight and might have less mutation rate.
  • This part also can be a good choice to produce healthy clones by isolating donor cells.

With this achievement, CIRB becomes the India’s second and world’s third institute to produce cloned buffalo. Karnal (Haryana) based National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI) was the India’s first institute to produce a cloned calf.

Cloning: Process of creating genetically identical copies of biological matter. It may include genetically identical copies of genes, cells, tissues or entire organisms.

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