Archaeology Current Affairs - 2020

ASI finds 2,000-year-old trade center in Andhra Pradesh

The ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) recently discovered that the present-day state of Andhra Pradesh had a maritime center near the banks of Swarnamukhi river around 2,000 years ago.


  • The excavations were performed at the state’s Gottiprolu that began in December, 2018.
  • The ASI unearthed brick-built structures in varied shapes. The sizes of the bricks were common in the Satavahana/Ikshvaku period of the Krishna valley.
  • Also, the team unearthed four armed sculptures of Lord Vishnu. The sculpture belongs to Pallava period according to the analysis of headgear and drapery.
  • Also, a series of broken terracotta pipes were found. This suggests that the period had a good system of drainage.
  • So far, the ASI has excavated about 10% of the site in the first round. The second round is set to begin in November or December, 2019.

Swarnamukhi river

  • The river is located in southern India
  • The Kalyani Dam is constructed across the river at Tirupati city. The shrines Tirupati and Kalahasti are located in the banks of the river.

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Punyabhushan Award presented to archaeologist Dr. G.B. Deglurkar

The eminent Archeologist Dr. G.B. Deglurkar was conferred with prestigious Punyabhushan Award for his long-standing contribution to the field of Indian Archaeology through renowned Deccan College Post graduate & Research Institute. He was presented the award by Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu at an special public award function in Pune, Maharashtra.

About Punyabhushan Award

The word ‘Punyabhushan’ in Marathi means ‘Jewel of Pune’.

The award has been instituted by Pune based Punyabhushan Foundation.

It was first awarded in 1989 and since then it is awarded every year to an eminent personality from the field of science, art, culture, music, social service, industry, or sports.

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