Arctic Region Current Affairs - 2020

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India and Sweden to sign Polar Science Cooperation Agreement

India and Sweden are to sign their first maritime cooperation agreement during the Swedish Royal couple visit. The agreement includes cooperation between the countries in both Arctic and Antarctic regions and hence the name Polar Science.


In the last few years, India has signed series of maritime agreements to exchange military information and to extend the reach of its armed forces in the arctic region. This will help India to learn about resource exploration and keep in pace.

The agreement further aids in India’s ambitions in strengthening its defence forces. The agreement will help India get access to Russian bases in the Arctic.

Royal Couple Visit

The Swedish Royal Couple King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden are to visit India for 5 days. This is the third visit of the Swedish Royals to the country. Earlier the visits were in 1993 and 2005.

The bilateral trade between India and Sweden was 3.37 billion USD in 2018. The relations between the countries have been friendly, transparent and by rule of law.

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MOSAIC Expedition in Arctic

Among 300 scientists from the world, a 32 – year polar researcher from Kerala will be the only person to join MOSAIC expedition

MOSAIC expedition

MOSAIC is Multidisciplinary drifting Observatory for the Study of Arctic Climate. It is the largest Arctic expedition in the history. It is being conducted Alfred Wegner Institute of Germany. It helps researchers understand the impact of climate change. The expedition intends to parameterize geophysical, atmospheric and oceanographic variables of Arctic.

What is special about the expedition?

Previous studies were for shorter duration as the thick ice sheets in the Arctic prevent access in winter. This research vessel will lock itself into a large ice sheet and will drift along with it.

125 years ago, a Norwegian explorer managed to seal his wooden ship into the ice during his 3 -year expedition in the North Pole.


  • The researcher will study about climate change in Arctic. The shift in polar vortices that shifted south and blasted cold air in Florida and heat wave in Europe are some of the impacts that prove climate change in Arctic has global influence.
  • The mission is important to understand the processes in far north for the world leaders to make right decisions.

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