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Scientists discover world’s first fluorescent frog in Argentina

Scientists have discovered polka dot tree frog (Hypsiboas punctatus), the world’s first fluorescent frog in Argentina.

The newly discovered amphibian sports a muted palette of greens, reds and yellows under normal light, but in the dark gives off a bright blue and green glow.

What have Scientists discovered?
  • Scientists found that the polka dot tree frog uses fluorescent molecules totally unlike those found in other animals. Scientists expect to find red fluorescence in these frogs from a pigment called
  • In some insects, proteins bound to biliverdin emit a faint red fluorescence. However, in the polka dot tree frog, biliverdin turned out to be a red herring.
  • In ultraviolet flashlight (or black light), polka dot tree frogs gave off an intense greenish-blue glow instead of a faint red. Three molecules hyloin-L1, hyloin-L2 and hyloin-G1 were responsible for green fluorescence.
  • These molecules contain a ring structure and a chain of hydrocarbons, and are unique among the known fluorescent molecules in animals. 
What is Fluorescence?
  • Fluorescence is the ability to absorb light at short wavelengths and re-emit it at longer wavelengths. It is rare in terrestrial animals.
  • Many ocean creatures exhibit fluorescence, including corals, fish, sharks and one species of sea turtle. But, until now, it was unheard of in amphibians.
  • On land, fluorescence was previously known in only parrots and some species of scorpions. But it is still unclear why animals have this ability.
  • Scientists believe that Fluorescence may be shown by animals for the purpose communication, camouflage and mate attraction.


Argentina women’s team wins 2016 Champions Trophy title of Hockey

Argentina women’s team has won the 2016 Champions Trophy title of Hockey by defeating Netherlands.

In the final match played at the Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre in London, UK,  Argentina women’s team defeated Netherlands by 2-1 goals.

With this victory, Argentina women’s team has won the Champions Trophy title of Hockey for record seventh time. Earlier they had won it in 2001, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012 and 2014.

In 2016 title, goals Argentinean team were scored by Martina Cavallero and Noel Barrionuev. For the Netherlands team single goal was scored by Maartje Paumen.

Final standings in Champions Trophy title: Argentina (1st position), Netherlands (2nd), United States (3rd), Australia (4th) and Great Britain (5th).

Individual Awards

  • Best player: Carla Rebecchi (Argentina)
  • Best junior player: Maria Granatto (Argentina)
  • Best goalkeeper: Joyce Sombroek (Netherlands)