Artificial Intelligence (AI) Current Affairs - 2020

COPS: COVID-19 Protection System unveiled by CSIR-CMERI

On July 19, 2020, CSIR-CMERI unveiled COVID-19 protection System (COPS) for workplaces.


The COPS include contactless solar based intelligent mask automated dispensing unit cum thermal scanner (IntelliMAST), 360-degree car flusher and touchless faucet. These sub units are now available for technology transfers. The COPS is the conglomeration of the above listed technologies.

Solar based Intelligent Mask Automated Dispensing Unit cum Thermal Scanner (IntelliMAST)

The solar based IntelliMAST is an intelligent surveillance kiosk. It identifies body temperature and also checks if a person is wearing face mask or not. After identifying, it also informs the administrator. The in-built thermal scanner detects the rise in body temperature through forehead scanning. It works under power supply of 40-50 watts

Touchless Faucet (TouF)

The TouF system dispenses liquid soap and water from the same faucet in a time gap of 30 seconds. It uses touch free mechanism as per the guidelines of GoI. It works under 10 watts of power supply.

360-degree car flusher

The CSIR-CMERI developed 360-degree car flusher using sodium hypochlorite solution. The system has several specialized nozzle designs to ensure the sanitizer diffused water is evenly spread under and over the car body.

AI-based ASEEM Digital Platform Launched To Bridge the Demand-Supply Gap of the Skilled Workforce

To bridge the demand-supply gap in the market across all the sectors in the country for the skilled workforce, on 10th July 2020, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based digital portal was launched that will address the same by improving the information flow. The name of the digital portal is ‘Aatamanirbhar Skilled Employee Employer Mapping (ASSEM)’.

The portal is launched by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship. The portal can be accessed at- ‘’.

ASEEM Portal

ASEEM is also available as a mobile application. By collaborating with Bengaluru based company- Betterplace, the portal is developed and managed by the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC).

The portal will be used as a match-making engine by providing real-time data analytics that will help to map skilled workers with the jobs available. For searching for employment opportunities, a skilled worker has to first register him/her at the portal by visiting the ‘Candidate Application’ interface. There are two more interfaces in the portal’ Employer Portal and Dashboard.

Under Employer Portal Interface the employers will be uploading the details such as job roles, employer onboarding, candidate selection, etc. The Dashboard interface will provide reports, trends, and will highlight the demand-supply gaps in the skilled labour ecosystem of the country.