Ayurveda Current Affairs - 2020

Panchvati Yojana launched

The Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur recently launched the Panchvati Yojana for senior citizens in the rural areas of the state. Around 100 parks are to be developed in the state under the scheme. The scheme aims to help the senior citizens spend their leisure time in these gardens and parks.

Key Features

The following are to be achieved by the State Government of Himachal Pradesh under the scheme

  • The Gardens and parks are to be developed along with Swachh Bharat Mission, MGNREGA. At least 1 bigha of land is to be used to achieve this. Bigha is a traditional unit used to measure land.
  • The state government is to grow medicinal and ayurvedic plants in the land allocated. Also, recreational equipment and walking tracks are to be provided.
  • The park is to have 500 to 1000 metres of concrete trek. The Women SHGs are to be allowed to sell their products in the park.

Measures under the scheme

The scheme is to be implemented with the help of local labourers that will receive wages under MGNREGA. The GoI has been boosting MGNREGA scheme by allocating huge funds. This is done to help migrant workers with employment.

Mission Sagar: INS Kesari reaches Seychelles

The Indian Naval Ship Kesari reached Port Victoria in Seychelles to provide COVID-19 related medicines under Mission Sagar.


The Mission Sagar was launched by the Indian Navy to provide COVID-19 related essential medicines. The Government of India under the mission is providing assistance to foreign countries in dealing with COVID-19.

Mission Sagar

India had launched Mission Sagar in May 2020 to provide food items to countries in the Southern Indian Ocean. As a part of the initiative, essentials were to be supplied to Maldives, Mauritius, Madagascar, Comoros and Seychelles.

The Mission also supplied HCQ tablets, medical assistance and special ayurvedic medicines. Under the mission India provided 600 tonnes of food items to Maldives, Ayurvedic medicines and COVID-19 related medicines to Mauritius, COVID-19 related essential medicines including HCQ to Madagascar, dengue fever tablets and medical assistance team to Comoros and COVID-19 related medicines to Seychelles.

The Mission was inspired by PM Modi’s vision of SAGAR.


SAGAR is Security and Growth for All in the Region.