Ballistic missiles Current Affairs - 2019

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India successfully conducted night trial of Agni-I ballistic missile

India has successfully carried out night user trial of Agni-I short-range nuclear-capable ballistic missile. The test flight was conducted by Indian Army’s Strategic Forces Command off Abdul Kalam Island in Bay of Bengal, off the coast of the Indian state of Odisha. The test was second known nighttime trial of Agni-I since its first such successful test in April 2014.

Agni-I missile

Agni-I is short range nuclear capable surface-to-surface ballistic missile. It is first missile of the Agni series launched in 1983. It was developed by premier missile development laboratory of DRDO in collaboration with Defence Research Development Laboratory and Research Centre Imarat and integrated by Bharat Dynamics Limited, Hyderabad.

It weighs 12 tonnes and is 15-metre-long. It is designed to carry payload of more than one tonne (both conventional and nuclear warhead). It is single stage missile powered by solid propellants. It can hit a target 700 km away. Its strike range can be extended by reducing the payload. It can be fired from road and rail mobile launchers.

It is equipped with sophisticated navigation system which ensures it reaches the target with a high degree of accuracy and precision. The missile already has been inducted into armed forces. Since its induction it has proved its excellent performance in terms of range, accuracy and lethality. It is also claimed to be a part of India’s minimum credible deterrence under No first to use policy.

Fateh Mobin: Iran unveils next generation short-range ballistic missile

Iran has unveiled Fateh Mobin (Bright Conqueror) next generation short-range ballistic missile capable of striking targets on land and sea. The missile has successfully passed its tests. It was unveiled as part of Iran’s thrust to further boost its defence capabilities at time of rising tensions with United States.

Fateh Mobin Missile

Fateh-110 missile is 100% domestically made in Iran. It is agile and has stealth, tactical and precision-guided capabilities. Its range was not specified, but experts believe that it will be between 300-500 kilometers, more than previous versions Fateh Mobin missiles (having range of around 200 to 300 kilometres). This missile was test-fired by Iran during naval exercises in the strategically important Strait of Hormoz  in August 2018. This makes it first test-fire of Iranian ballistic missile in over year and the first test of Fateh missile series since March 2017.


Iran’s missile programme is major bone of contention with world powers, particularly United States. But Iran see it as vital for its defensive posture in troubled West Asian region. US President Donald Trump had pulled out of the 2015 Iran- P5+1 nuclear deal (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) between Iran and five world powers in May 2018 and had called for new agreement that restricts Iran’s missile capabilities and regional interventions.