Belgium Current Affairs - 2020

Belgium ends the year as No. 1 in FIFA global rankings

Belgium Football team came at number one position in the end-of-the-year FIFA global rankings. Belgium managed to stay at the top with one point more than the current World Champions France.  Belgium has 1727 points in the rankings whereas France which came at second rank has 1726 points. France had beaten Belgium in the semi-finals of the FIFA World Cup 2018 to reach the finals.

Brazil came at third rank with 1676 points. Croatia has been ranked at the fourth spot and England claimed the fifth rank. Portugal came at 6th and Uruguay at 7th rank in the rankings. Switzerland, Spain and Denmark complete the Top 10 teams by claiming 8th, 9th and 10th spot respectively.

The teams of Argentina,  Germany and Italy bagged the 11th, 16th and 18th rank and finishes the year outside the top 10. France has been adjudged as the 2018’s Best Mover team by FIFA. The football team of Kosovo, which is ranked 131st in the list, are the year’s biggest climbers as Kosovo moved up 46 places in the rankings in 2018.

FIFA or International Federation of Association Football conducts football’s major international tournaments including FIFA the World Cup. FIFA was founded in 1904 and has its Headquarters in Zurich. It is to be noted that the rules of football are set by the International Football Association Board and not FIFA.

Charles Michel resigns as the Prime Minister of Belgium

Charles Michel has resigned from the post of the Prime Minister of Belgium on 19th December 2018. The resignation came as his government was under immense pressure from the opposition over his government’s support for the UN global compact on migration.

Charles Michel’s, who became the Prime Minister of Belgium in 2014, was the country’s youngest prime minister since 1841. He belongs to the francophone liberal party Mouvement Réformateur (MR). His party had earlier lost the support of their coalition partner nationalist New Flemish Alliance over his support for a UN-backed migration deal. There were many angry protests and demonstrations that took place in Brussels against this migration pact.

About UN Global Compact on Migration:

  • The negotiations for Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration started in 2016 after the influx of over one million migrants into Europe. 
  • In July 2018, all of the 193 members agreed to the UN pact on migration except the United States. But, only 164 countries formally signed the UN migration deal in Marrakech on 10th December 2018.
  • The agreement commits the signatories to improve co-operation on international migration.
  • The agreement is not legally binding on the countries signing the pact and allows them to be in charge of their own immigration policies.

The agreement stresses that all migrants should be given universal human rights. It seeks to do away with all forms of discrimination against migrants and their families.