Border Issues Current Affairs - 2020

India and China celebrate their 70th anniversary of Diplomatic Relations

India and China postponed all the events planned to celebrate the 70th anniversary of their diplomatic relations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the leaders exchanged congratulatory messages.


India was the first non-communist country in Asia to establish diplomatic relations with People’s Republic of China. Today the countries have strong trade relations despite of small irritants like border issues. In 2019, India-China trade reached 90.1 billion USD. Also, India has been pressing China to open its markets for Indian pharmaceuticals and IT companies. This is being done by India to reduce the trade deficit of 57 billion USD with China.

Informal Summit

In November 2019, as a part of commemorating 70 years of diplomatic ties, the countries agreed to finalise 70 activities. This was done during the Second Informal summit of President Xi Jing Ping and PM Modi. The 70 celebrated activities included trade promotion events, military exchanges and cultural and religious activities.

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India to provide 107.01 million Nepali rupees for construction of schools in Nepal

On March 16, 2020, India signed Memorandum of Understanding with Nepal for construction of new schools in the country. Under the MoU, India is to provide 107.01 million Nepali rupees.


India as an initial step of the agreement handed over a cheque of 8 lakh rupees (INR). The India-Nepal Development Partnership Programme is to construct the schools. The Kapilavastu District Coordination Committee will also help in the construction.

District Coordination Committee

The DCC is a district-level authority found in Nepal. The committee acts as a link between provincial assembly and rural municipalities. The committee members are elected by the district assembly for a term of five years. Every district committee has 9 members.

In India, the executives are the links. The Government schemes are implemented by the collector of the district.


India and Nepal have century old relationship that connects them culturally, economically, socially and religiously. The India-Nepal relations began in 1950 with a Treaty of Friendship and peace signed between the countries.

Recent irritants between India and Nepal

Both Nepal and India claim a region called “Kalapani” as part of their country. In November 2019, India’s new political map including Kalapani created controversies. The Ministry of Home Affairs published the new map after dissolving special status of Kashmir and splitting Himalayan region into two union territories.


Kalapani is in the state of Uttarakhand. The state shares 80 km of porous border with Nepal.

Also, in 2015, Nepal accused India for imposing border blockade. This crippled the land locked nation as 90% of its imports and exports happened through India and its ports. This mainly includes Kolkata and Vishakhapatnam.

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