Border Management Current Affairs - 2019

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Steps to Address Cross-Border Infiltration

The cross-border infiltration and illegal immigration are posing serious security threats to both internal and external security. The government has undertaken following steps to arrest the cross-border infiltration:

  • Multipronged approach to check infiltration by patrolling; sharing of intelligence and conduct of joint operations; erection of border fencing; installation of border floodlights; use of watercrafts/boats and floating Border Out Posts (BOPs) for domination of riverine area of the border; liaison with police, intelligence agencies, local government agencies; laying nakas; establishment of observation posts  have been undertaken.
  • Surveillance equipment like Night Vision Devices (NVDs); Hand Held Thermal Imagers (HHTIs); Long Range Recce Observation Systems (LORROS), etc have been deployed for effective technical surveillance.
  • Mobile Vehicle Check Posts (MVCPs), Area Domination Patrols (ADPs), short and long-range patrols along the border are being launched on regular basis.
  • Review of vulnerability mapping of BOPs from the point of infiltration is carried out.
  • Based on threat perception and security requirements, the fencing/ floodlighting has been erected along India-Pakistan and India Bangladesh borders.
  • The constructions of border roads are expedited keeping in view the administrative and operational requirements of the Border guarding forces.

Even then due to hostile, mountainous terrain and porous nature of the border incidents of the infiltrations are still reported.

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Exclusive Satellite to help in securing Pakistan and Bangladesh borders

Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) will launch a satellite exclusively for the Union Home Ministry to help it in strengthening its frontiers with Pakistan and Bangladesh among others.

Features of the exclusive satellite for Border Management

The important features of the exclusive satellite for Border Management are:

  • The exclusive satellite will be utilised for the purpose of using space resources for security, operational planning and border infrastructure development.
  • It would strengthen island and border security and facilitate the development of infrastructure in border and island areas.
  • A short, medium and long-term plan have been proposed for implementation in five years in close coordination with the ISRO and the Union Defence Ministry for the implementation in a time-bound manner.
  • Under short term plan, immediate needs of border guarding forces will be met by procurement of high-resolution imagery and the hiring of bandwidth for communications.
  • Under the mid-term plan, one satellite is being launched by the ISRO for the exclusive use of the MHA.
  • Under long term plan, the MHA will develop ground segment and network infrastructure to share satellite resources by user agencies, develop a central archival facility for storing various imagery resources and dissemination of the same to user agencies.

The plan for an exclusive satellite has been formulated based on the recommendations made by a task force on the use of space technology in improving border management.


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