Brazil Current Affairs - 2019

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Morsy proposes ‘E-BRICS’

image Egypt’s first elected President Mohamed Morsy who is on visit to India have expressed keenness to join the BRICS and hoped to see itself in the E-BRICS (E stands for Egypt).

EBRICS = Egypt + BRICS nations

Mr. Morsy expressed his strong opposition to the existence of a “unipolar world” and supported a stronger role for the Non Aligned Movement in order to “impart crucial balance and ensure comprehensive peace in today’s world.”

Goal-line technology to be adopted in 2014 FIFA World Cup

World football’s governing body FIFA has announced that goal-line technology will be used during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Why is ‘Goal-line technology’?

  • A method to determine whether the Football has completely crossed the goal line or not.
  • This is done using electronic devices.
  • This technology will assist the referee in taking the final decision that whether it was a goal or not.
  • On 5 July 2012, IFAB officially approved the use of goal line technology.
  • FIFA has already approved two systems – Hawk Eye and GoalRef. The Hawk Eye system, used in cricket and tennis, involves the strategic placing of cameras from different points within the stadium while GoalRef uses an electronic chip inside the ball.

Criticism: The Critics (many from the FIFA itself) have pointed out that use of such a technology would affect the human element of the game and eliminate the joy of debating mistakes.