BRO Current Affairs - 2020

GoI implements Shekatkar Committee to create border infrastructure

On May 18, 2020, the Government of India implemented the recommendations made by the Shekatkar Committee to create border infrastructure.


The GoI based on the recommendation of the committee has adopted Engineering Procurement Contract (EPC) to execute the works that costs more than Rs 100 crores. The recommendation of the committee to enhance procurement powers from Rs 7.5 crores to Rs 100 crores to the Border Road Organization has also been implemented.

The other recommendations that were implemented are as follows

  • New Technologies such as blasting technology, use of Geo-Textiles, plastic coated aggregates for surfacing, cementitious base for pavements are being used to enhance pace of construction.
  • The statutory clearances and land acquisition for forest and environmental clearances have been made part of Detailed Project Report.
  • Also, the works can be awarded only when 90% of statutory clearances have been obtained.

Shekatkar Committee

The Shekatkar Committee was formed in 2018. It was constituted by the Ministry of Defence under chairmanship of Lt General DB Shekatkar.

Other Recommendations

The other recommendations made by the committee are as follows

  • The committee recommended closure of military farms in peace regions
  • The recruitment standard for the drivers in the army and clerical staff was enhanced. Also, the committee recommended reorganization of Army Headquarters.
  • The number of officers in the army headquarters to be reduced by 200

BRO constructs permanent bridge across Ravi river

The Border Roads Organization has completed the construction of permanent bridge across Ravi river. The Kasowal bridge will help Punjab farmers to transport their harvest comfortably.


The construction of the bridge has been completed well ahead of time. The bridge was constructed by BRO under Project Chetak. The cost of construction of the bridge is Rs 17.89 crores.

Ravi River

The Ravi river is a transboundary river. It is also known by the name Iravati. The riparian states of the river include Himachal Pradesh and Punjab. The non-riparian states include Jammu and Kashmir, Haryana and Rajasthan. Under the Indus Water Treaty 1960, the waters of Ravi and other five rivers are divided between India and Pakstan.

Indus Water Treaty

The Indus Water Treaty is a water distribution treaty between India and Pakistan. The treaty was brokered by World Bank. It was signed in Karachi. According to the treaty, the eastern rivers of India Ravi, Beas and Sutlej were given to India and the waters of western rivers of India Indus, Chenab and Jhelum were given to Pakistan.