Cancer Current Affairs - 2019

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Hot beverages can cause esophageal cancer: WHO

Recently released report of World Health Organization (WHO) has revealed that hot drinks (beverages) consumed at temperatures above 65 Celsius can cause esophageal cancer.

The report was based on the study conducted by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), part of the WHO.

Key facts

  • The conclusion comes after researchers discovered that the drinks are not carcinogenic, but actually the high temperatures at which they served causes cancer.
  • For this study purpose IARC had analysed studies from Iran, China and South America where tea and coffee are often served at 70 Celsius or above.
  • It was found that in developed countries, causes of esophageal cancer include smoking and alcohol, but it is more common in parts of the world where drinks are often consumed at very high temperatures.

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Mint plant can help fight cancer: CIMAP Researchers

Scientists at Lucknow​ based CSIR-Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (CIMAP​) have found that mint plant has medicinal values that can cure cancer.

They have identified that a medicinal compound called ‘L-Menthol’ derived from Mentha plant popularly known as mint.​ ​

Key findings

  • L-Menthol compound can kill the colon cancer cell line without affecting the normal cell line.
  • The compound inhibits the division of cancer cell and prevents its growth and spread to other organs of the body.
  • Its production is cost-effective, non-destructive and easily available in comparison to anti-cancer compound used at present obtained from the bark of European Yew tree.
  • The Mentha is available in abundance across the world compared to the European Yew tree which is found only in Europe and some parts of Africa and Asia.​
  • ​Menthol can be derived easily without damaging the plant, whereas the European Yew tree has to be cut down for using bark for deriving anti-cancer compound.
  • The discovery can be very useful for farmers in ​India where Mentha is grown in large quantity.

Month: Categories: Science & Technology