CBSE Current Affairs - 2020

Fit India Active Day Programme launched under Fit India Movement

On April 14, 2020, Government of India launched Fit India Active Day Programme. The programme was launched under the flagship initiative of GoI called “Fit India”.


The Ministry of AYUSH has issued guidelines to implement the Fit India Active Day Programme. The programme is launched to make sure children practice fitness even when they stay home. The programme also intends to create immunity against COVID-19.

Live sessions are to be conducted under the programme. These live sessions shall be accessed by students through Instagram and Facebook. The programme has been launched under the partnership of CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education).

Fit India Movement

The Fit India Movement was launched to encouraged to make sure the citizens stay healthy through sports and physical activities. The movement was launched by PM Modi during National Sports Day, 2019.

National Sports Day

The National Sports Day is observed every year on August 29. The day is celebrated to mark the birth anniversary of the legendary hockey player Dhyan Chand.

Wormivet: Herbal Medication developed by NIF to treat worms

The National Innovation foundation India has developed an indigenous herbal medicine called Wormivet. It is an alternative to chemical methods that are currently being used to treat worms.


The Wormivet is used to treat endoparasite worms in livestock. A patent has been filed on the invention. The patent has been given in the name of Grassroots knowledge.


Internal Parasite in worms leads to loss in body weight, anemia, loss in reproductive health. It limits growth and productivity. On the other hand, inappropriate use of chemical dewormers creates resistance.


The National Innovation Foundation operates under Department of Science and Technology. It works to provide support to grass root innovations. Also, it organizes an annual competition called IGNITE along with CBSE board.

Grass root Innovations

The Intellectual Property Rights of India recognizes grassroot innovations and also traditional knowledge practices. This is more common in the fields of agriculture, veterinary science and human health. The Grass root level innovations are inventions made by common people.