Central Bureau of Investigation Current Affairs - 2020

OCSAE: On-line Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Prevention Unit set up by CBI

Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has set up an On-line Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation (OCSAE) Prevention/Investigation Unit at New Delhi under its Special Crime Zone to tackle the menace of child porn on the internet. This step has been taken after Germany Police provided information about 7 Indian Nationals involved in International Child pornography.

About OCSAE Prevention/Investigation Unit

This newly specialized Unit of CBI will collect, collate and disseminate information regarding creation, collection, publication, transmission, browsing, downloading, promoting, distribution of information relating to On-line Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation as well as investigation of such offences.

The investigation of such offences covered under provisions of Indian Penal Code (IPC) 1860, Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act 2012 and Information Technology (IT) Act 2000 and under various Laws of the land, as applicable. The territorial jurisdiction of this unit of CBI will be throughout India.

Need: The rapid growth of Internet and Information & Communication tools over past two decades has created unparalleled opportunities for children and adults alike to learn and explore world around them. Although these technologies are found everywhere, spread through every aspect of our lives personal, professional, individual and social but they have simultaneously created new dimensions, wherein the sexual exploitation of children can multiply, if unchecked. Thereby, Children, every day, all around the world are prone to suffer On-line sexual abuse and exploitation.

INTERPOL and other National / International Organization also disseminate numerous references related to CSAM (Child Sexual Abuse Material) globally to concerned authorities. This is because the incidence of On-Line CSAM generally transcends International borders and the victims are mostly helpless innocent children.

1st National Conference on Cyber Crime Investigation inaugurated in New Delhi

First National Conference on Cyber Crime Investigation and Cyber Forensics is being held on 4-5 September 2019 at Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) Headquarters in New Delhi. It was inaugurated by CBI Director Rishi Kumar Shukla.

Key Highlights

The two-day conference covers one of the mandates of CBI which is to investigate crimes with inter-state and international ramifications.

Conference Objective: To create a platform and bring together investigators, forensic experts, academia and lawyers to discuss challenges related to cybercrime and ways to find solutions.

Need: Cybercrimes pose unique challenges to law enforcement officers and such crimes are complex and require certain skills and forensic skills for detection.

Focus Areas:

To create capacity building and to create a pool of competent investigators, judicial officers, prosecutors and digital forensic analysts who are digitally aware.

To create a platform for sharing good practices to learn from experiences of various State police and Law Enforcement Agencies.

Participants: Around 50 officers including DGPs, ADGPs, and SPs dealing with cybercrime, officials and academia are participating in Conference.