China-US Current Affairs - 2020

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US launches Extremely High Frequency Satellite for military communication

On March 26, 2020, the United Nations Space Force launched a hyper-secure satellite for its military communications. With the launch of the satellite the United States has begun its first National Security Mission.

The satellite launching has come at a stage where the number of COVID-19 infected persons has overtaken Italy and China.


The Lock Heed Martin AEHF (Advanced Extremely High Frequency) satellite was launched from Florida. The satellite is to provide global protected communications. This will enhance tactical operating warfare skills of the US on ground, aerial and maritime platform.

US Space Force

The US Space force is the sixth service of the country. The first five major services of Defence includes Army, Air Force, Navy, Naval Corps and Coast Guard. The Space Force was recently set up by President Trump to identify and develop new space defence technologies.

The Space Force is to prove US dominance in the Space among other force that are quietly establishing their powers in Space. This includes China and Russia.

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In-Person G7 Summit Cancelled; To be held through Video-Conferencing

The US President Donald Trump has cancelled an in-person G7 Summit and is to conduct the summit through video conferencing. This is being done due to the increasing threat of Corona Virus.

What is G7?

The G7 organization is made up of the largest economies of the world namely France, Canada, US, UK, Italy, Japan and Germany. They contribute to 45% of world’s GDP. Hence, decisions taken at G7 is highly essential and has great impacts over the global trade.

Why is China not a member?

The G7 Groupings believe that though China is the second largest economy in the world, it relatively has low level of wealth per head population. This means that China is not an advanced economy according to the G7 members.

Criticisms faced by G7

Recently, G7 has faced several disagreements after President Trump initiated clashes with the other members over actions on climate change and imports at 2019 summit in Canada.

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