Chittagong Port Current Affairs - 2020

First SEZ in Tripura to focus on agro-based food processing

The Government of India approved the first SEZ (Special Economic Zone) at Sabroom, Tripura in October 2019. Recently, it was announced that the SEZ will primarily focus on agro-based food processing. Union Government is expected to invest around Rs 1550 crore in the project.


The SEZ is to be developed by the Tripura Industrial Development Corporation. The SEZ will focus on rubber based industries like threads, tyres, bamboo industries, textile and apparel industries and agri-food processing industries.

According to SEZ rules minimum of 25 hectares of land is required to set up a new SEZ in the North Eastern States. However, at present only 16.35 hectares have been acquired from the state government and additional 10.99 hectares of land contiguous to the existing land is waiting for approval.


The SEZ is expected to generate 12,000 skiled jobs. The zone will attract more private investments as its location is nearer to Chittagong Port. Also, the access to the zone will increase after the construction of bridge across Feni river in South Tripura.

GoI also announced that 100% income tax exemption will be provided on export income for the first 5 years on SEZ units. The exemption is being given under Section 10AA of Income Tax Act. For the next 5 years, 50% exemption is to be provided.

Vijay Diwas celebrated across India

On December 16, 2019, India commemorated its victory over Pakistan in the war of 1971. India fought against Pakistan helping Bangladesh obtain its freedom and won the war. On the very same day, Bangladesh celebrates its independence.


In order to commemorate India’s victory and to pay tribute to the soldiers who fought in the war, the three army chiefs reached war memorial in Delhi. They paid tribute to the brave soldiers who lost their lives in the war. PM Modi and Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and other senior leaders paid tribute to the soldiers as well. It was on this day, Pakistan army surrendered with 93,000 soldiers.

1971 war

India and Pakistan confronted each other with their military forces over freedom of Bangladesh for 13 days between 3rd December, 1971 and 16 December, 1971. The armies clashed with one another in the eastern and western fronts. The war ended on December 16, 1971 after the armies signed Instrument of Surrender, announcing Bangladesh a new nation.

NRC and the war

Government of India seals the date of NRC of Assam as 24th March, 1971. This is because, the war officially started on this particular date. On 24 March, 1971, Pakistan Army opened fired in Rangpur, Chittagong and Syedpur, killing more than 1000 people. After this the surge of immigrants from Bangladesh into Assam and other near by states increased. Therefore, the date of NRC is sealed to 24 March, 1971.