Christians Current Affairs - 2020

May 4: International Firefighters Day

Every year, International Firefighters Day is observed on May 4.


The day is commemorated to recognize the sacrifices of firefighters. Also, the day creates awareness to make sure the environment and communities are as safe as possible.

Why May 4?

The International Fire Fighters Day is celebrated on May 4 as it is also Saint Florian’s Day. Saint Florian was one of the commanding firefighters of Roman battalion. He saved several lives and is considered as patron saint of firefighters. He saved a complete burning village in ancient Rome.

Saint Florian

Saint Florian was born in 250 AD in ancient Rome. He joined the Roman army and advanced in ranks to become a commander of the army in the Roman province. He organized and raised a group of soldiers whose duty was to fight fires.

Symbol of Firefighters Day

The symbol of fire fighters’ day consists of red and blue coloured ribbon. The red colour in the ribbon symbolizes fire and blue colour symbolizes water.

Minorities Right Day celebrated in India on December 18

The Minorities Rights Day was celebrated by the National Commission for Minorities in India in order to focus religious harmony and better understanding of the minority communities in the country.

On December 18, 1992, the United Nations adopted the Individual’s rights belonging to religious, linguistic and religious minorities. The organization also stated that it is the responsibility of the state to improve minority conditions and create awareness about their linguistic, national, cultural and religious identity.


The Minority Day Programme was organized by the National Commission for minorities in New Delhi. The Union Ministry of Minority Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi addresses the programme. At the programme the ministry announced that more than 8 lakh people belonging to minority community have so far benefitted from the GoI schemes such as Nai Manzil, Gharib Nawaz Employment Scheme, Nai Raushni, Seekho aur Kamao, etc.

Miss Irmim Shamim, the first Gujjar woman of J&K to qualify medical studies at AIIMS was also felicitated at the programme

National commission for Minorities

The commission was established under the National Commission for Minorities act, 1992. The act notifies 5 religious communities namely Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Zoroastrians and Buddhists under the act. In 2014, Jains were added to the list. The major function of the commission is to protect the interests of the minorities.