Climate Change Current Affairs - 2020

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World Economic Forum Survey: World loses hopes in Climate Science; Indians are most-trusting

The World Economic Forum published its opinion poll during its 50th annual meeting in Davos. The annual meeting was called for urgent upskilling and better climate education.


According to the survey, India and Bangladesh are the most trusting people in climate science. The citizens of both the countries keep themselves updated about the happening of the world. Also, they trusted the climate scientists and their discoveries. India was followed by Bangladesh, Pakistan, China and Turkey.

On the other hand, Ukraine and Russia lagged the most when it comes to updating themselves about climate science.

The report says that the world has lost its trust in climate science. According the survey, the world believes that global warming is mainly due to human activities.

About the Survey

The Survey was held in 30 countries covering 76% of world population. The survey has been presented on the 2020 theme which is

Theme: Toward More Sustainable World and Toward a more Cohesive World.


The survey is important to learn about the status of mind and opinion of world population in different part. This forms the base to organize campaigns. The survey will now act as the major decision maker when it comes to design the type of awareness campaign to be adopted in a specific region.

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Carbon Disclosure Project: India ranks 5th

On January 21, 2020, the Carbon Disclosure Project, an annual report on carbon reduction activities of different countries and their firms was released by a non-profit organization Global Reporting Initiative. According to the report, the countries were ranked based on their corporate responsibilities of carbon reduction. In order to assess the role played by them, their science-based targets were weighed.


According to the report, 58 Indian companies disclosed their environment related activities to the organization. Based on their disclosure, the report concludes that 98% of the top Indian companies have now formed committees to address climate related issues. The change has been witnessed between 2018 and 2019.

United States topped the list with 135 companies being transparent in their disclosure. Followed by US, Japan ranked second with 83 companies. On the third, fourth and fifth ranks were UK (78), France (51) and India (38) respectively.

The report said that, over 6,900 companies have so far disclosed their data through Carbon Disclosure Project. This contributes to 55% of world capitalization.

Global Reporting Initiative

The Global Reporting initiative helps businesses, organizations and governments to understand the impacts of climate change, corruption and human rights.

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