Climate Change Current Affairs - 2020

GoI Report: Average Temperature in India to raise by 4.4 degree Celsius

The Ministry of Earth Science recently released its report “Assessment of Climate Change over Indian Region”. According to the report, the average surface temperature of India could increase up to 4.4 degree Celsius by the end of 2100 as compared to the temperature between 1976 and 2005.

Climate Forcing

The report says that with the RCP (Representative Concentration Pathway) increasing to 4.5, the temperature of India could rise to 2.4 degree Celsius.

The Representative Concentration Pathway calculates Radiative Forcing or Climate Forcing. Climate Forcing is the difference between sunlight absorbed by the Earth and the energy that is radiated back from the earth.

Key Findings of the report

According to the report, the frequency of warm days and warm nights are to increase by 55% and 70% respectively as compared to 1976-2005. The heat waves in the country are expected to increase by 3 to 4 times.

The average temperature of the country increased by 0.7 degree Celsius as compared to the period between 1900 and 2018. The increase in temperature has been largely associated with global warming.  The report predicts that the average temperature in the Hindukush-Himalayan region could increase by 5.2 degree Celsius.

Environment Performance Index: India ranks 168

The Yale University recently released the biennial Environment Performance Index. India scored 168th rank out of 180 countries. In 2018, India scored 27.6 out of 100 and secured 177th rank.

About the report

Around 32 indicators were considered to create the ranking. Also, the index provided 10-year observation on environmental performance at national and international level.

Key Findings of the report

According to the report, India needs to double its sustainability efforts. Also, India needs to focus widely on sustainability issues with utmost priority towards air and water quality, climate change and biodiversity.

All the South Asian countries were ahead of India except Afghanistan.

Also, India’s rank in terms of Sustainable Development Goals was also low.

Climate Change

India ranked 106 in terms of climate change and second in South Asian region. The performance of a country in climate change was assessed on green house gas emission per capita, Green house gas intensity growth rate, growth rate in carbon dioxide, adjusted emission growth rates, growth rate of 4 greenhouse gases and one pollutant.