Climate Resilient Current Affairs - 2020

GoI develops new biofortified high protein wheat variety

The scientists of Agharkar Research Institute (Pune), operating under Department of Science and Technology (DST) have developed biofortified high quality wheat. The new variety is MACS 4028


The new wheat variety has 14.7% better nutritional quality, 40.3 ppm of iron content and high milling quality. The new variety is semi-dwarf and matures in 102 days. Also, it has high yielding ability of 19.3 quintals per hectare.

Role of UNICEF

The MACS 4028 was supported by UNICEF funds to alleviate malnutrition in India. Now the new wheat variety will help boost Vision 2022 of India which is, “Kuposhan Mukt Bharat” (National Nutrition Strategy).


The Indian Council of Medical Research has been constantly making efforts to develop high-yielding, early mature, drought-tolerant, disease resistant varieties. MAC 4028 is an outcome of those initiatives. The Indian Institute of Wheat and Barley research operating under ICMR has launched All India coordinated Wheat and Barley improvement programme to develop more such varieties.

Global Potato Conclave to be held in Gujarat

The Global Potato Conclave is to be held between January 28 and January 31, 2020. PM Modi is to attend the conclave. PM Modi is to address the conclave.


The conclave will hold live demonstrations of potato varieties, farm equipment, management practices. The conclave will include researchers from more than 30 countries and is to be conducted under 10 themes. It will cover next generation breeding practices, efficient management practices of potato cultivation, management strategies of potato diseases and pests. The themes of the conclave are as follows

  • Potato Biotechnology and Omics
  • Germplasm Management and Next Generation Breeding
  • AI and ICT in Potato R&D.
  • Potato Pest Management
  • Potato Disease Management
  • Technology transfer, social issues and policies
  • Potato Value Chain management
  • Advances in Seed Technology
  • Climate change and crop management
  • Post-harvest management and value addition.


After rice and wheat, potato is the third most important food crop in the world. The growth of potato has increased by 40% between 1961 and 2016. However, the area under potato production has decreased from 22.14 million hectares to 19.24 million hectares.