Climate Smart Agriculture Current Affairs - 2019

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GoI conducts first ever National Agro Chemicals Congress in New Delhi

The National Agro Chemical Congress was conducted for four days in New Delhi. The Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare hosted the event. It was the first of its kind. It is to be conducted once in three years. The Theme of the Congress was

Theme: Country’s Status on various fronts of Agro chemicals

Recommendations of the Congress

  • It is necessary to label the pesticides indicating their mode of action
  • The status of the country should be assessed in its preparedness in invasive exigencies
  • To rethink on restrictive banning of pesticides
  • Government has to bring in a policy regarding data protection of imported pesticides
  • Empowerment of farmers through training.
  • Policy to introduce safe nano-formulations

According to the Congress, the above factors are currently absent in the country. It believes that these recommendations are essential to improve efficient use of pesticides.

Highlights of the event

  • The event outlined the importance of responsible use of agro Chemicals.
  • It also highlighted the precision technologies used to reduce wastage of applied chemicals
  • Various seminars and lectures were presented that focused on discouraging false claims about agro chemicals and tackling the spread of wrong perception among the citizens about agro chemicals.


  • The aim of the congress is to highlight the role played by chemical pesticides in pest management. It emphasized on target specific and environment friendly products
  • The Congress also focused on new concepts in human health, nanotechnology, crops, resource management, smart formulations related sciences to help to boost agricultural productivity.

International Conference on Soil and Water Resources Management held in New Delhi

The ‘International Conference on Soil and Water Resources Management for Climate Smart Agriculture and Global Food and Livelihood Security’ is being held at National Agricultural Science Centre (NASC) Complex in New Delhi. The five day-long conference will be held from 5-9 November 2019.

Key Highlights of Conference

Objective: To deliberate upon various issues and challenges of soil and water conservation.

Organiser: The conference was jointly organized by Soil Conservation Society of India (SCSI) in association with World Association of Soil and Water Conservation (WASWAC), China and International Soil Conservation Organization (ISCO), U.S.A.

Participants: A total of 400 Delegates comprising of national and international experts from 21 countries namely Japan, China, Spain and Egypt, etc., are participating in conference. The participants are expected to share effective cutting-edge technological breakthroughs in ensuring global food security.

At the occasion ‘Special Issue of Indian Farming by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research’ and ‘7 Years of International Conference’ and ‘Abstract Book of the Conference’ were released.

The dignitaries also conferred ‘Soil Conservation Society of India (SCSI) Awards – 2019’ to various scientists and students for their contributions in respective fields of researches.