Communication Current Affairs - 2020

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COVID-19: International Monetary Fund launches Government Policy Tracker

The International Monetary Fund recently launched the “IMF Policy Tracker”. The platform will provide all the key economic responses launched by Governments all over the world to fight against Corona Virus.


Currently, the virus has spread to almost all parts of the world and the measures taken by the Governments to tackle the situation might become inadequate. The platform thus will help fill in gaps and learn from each other’s experience. It will also help governments adopt successful innovate approaches implemented on other parts of the world.


The tracker is to be updated based on the press release of the IMF Communication Department.

Key Features of the Tracker

The tracker will summarize key economic measures taken by the governments in different parts of the world. The tracker claims that it cannot be used for comparisons of measures in different countries. Rather, the tracker is to be used to learn the adaptations. This is because, policy responses vary based on the nature of the crisis.

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February 13: World Radio Day

Every Year February 13 is being celebrated as World Radio Day. The day is being celebrated by UNESCO of United Nations. The organization calls all radio stations to uphold matters of diversity. This year the day is celebrated under the theme

Theme: Radio and Diversity

This year theme brings in the diversity in linguistic tolerance, diversity and plurilingualism. Also, it intends to spread the message that radio is a crucial medium of communication to celebrate intercultural competence, humanity and democratic citizenship.


The main objective to celebrate World Radio Day is to increase awareness about radio among media and public. It also aims to encourage key decision makers to provide access to information through radio.


The World Radio Day was first celebrated in 2013. The resolution to celebrate World Radio Day was taken in 2012 United Nations General Assembly.


Radio is still widely used medium of communication a global level. Also, radio stations help to serve diverse communities, offer wide view-points and reflect diversity of

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