Consumer Protection Current Affairs - 2020

GoI to establish Central Consumer Protection Authority

The GoI recently decided to establish Central Consumer Protection Authority under the Consumer Protection act, 2019.

Consumer Protection Authority

The authority protects, promotes and enforces rights of the consumers. It also regulates matters that are related to unfair trade practices, violation of consumer rights and misleading advertisements.

Central Consumer Protection act, 2019

The act was passed to strengthen consumer rights. It replaced the Consumer Protection act, 1986. The act defines 6 consumer acts namely right to safety, right to be informer, right to choose, right to be heard, right to consumer education and right to grievance redressal.

Misleading Advertisements

The act gives special focus to stop misleading advertisements. The Section 21 of the Consumer Protection act, 2019 deals with misleading advertisements. Under the Section 21 of the act, the consumer Protection Authority may impose penalty upto Rs 10 lakhs on the advertiser, manufacturer, trader or even the endorser. The Authority has powers to ban the endorser as well.

GoI sets up Consumer Protection Authority to implement Consumer Protection Act

The Government of India is to set up a Consumer Protection Authority in order to implement the Consumer Protection Act. The authority is to begin working from April 2020.


The Consumer Protection Bill, 2019 was approved the Parliament in 2019 replacing Consumer Protection Act, 1986. It aims to focus on rapid settlement of consumer disputes, strict penalties for wrong doings that include misleading ads by firms and adulteration.

The authority is being constituted to makes sure of the act is implemented in the right way.

Consumer Protection act, 2019

The act apart from working towards effective administration in settling consumer disputed, also brings E-Commerce under Jurisdiction. It also holds celebrities accountable for promoting wrong products. Under the act, the celebrities can be fined up to Rs 10 lakhs for their misleading acts.

However, the act does not punish the media through which such misleading content is being promoted. Strict actions shall be taken only on advertiser according to the act.