Counter-Terrorism Current Affairs - 2019

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Hand-in-Hand Military exercise between India, China begins at Chengdu, China

The seventh edition Hand-in-Hand Military exercise between India, China began in Chengdu, China. It is being held to improve capabilities of the two armies in fighting terrorism and promote mutual understanding. The exercise was held after gap of one year as both the sides were locked in 73-day standoff in Doklam in Sikkim sector of the border in 2017. The strained relations between two sides later improved resulting in informal summit between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping in Chinese city of Wuhan in April 2018.

Hand-in-Hand 2019

In this edition of exercise, 100 troops from each side are taking part. The main focus is on counter-terrorism operations. It will involve tactical level operations in an International Counter Insurgency/ Counter Terrorist environment under UN mandate. The drill will promote understanding between two militaries and improving their capabilities in fighting terrorism. The exercise will include live shooting and adoptive and basic training.

Short Note: UN Global Counter Terrorism Coordination Compact

To deal with the rising problem of Terrorism, United Nation chief along with 39 organizational entities, Interpol and World custom organization signed a framework to deal with terrorism and promote peace and sustainable growth. The agreement is non-binding in nature. The UN Global counter terrorism coordination compact is also termed as Global compact. The Global compact coordination committee will be chaired by Under-Secretary-General for counter terrorism. And the first meeting took place on 6th December 2018 in New York. United Nations office of counter terrorism will serve as Secretariat of Global Compact.

What is the need of the Framework?

The Global terrorism index released by Institute for Economic and Peace showed that there is a decrease in deaths due to terrorism, but the impacts of terrorism are still spreading all over the world. United Nation is actively working to bring peace and cooperation among member states. To combat counter terrorism UN created UN counter-terrorism implementation task force in 2005. The task force consists of 38 international entities. The goal of Counter terrorism Implementation task force was to organize working groups and the project related to counter terrorism. Finally, on 23rd February 2018, a new agreement was signed to create more integrated working approach between the agencies and coordinate them for counter terrorism and prevention of violent extremism.

UN Global counter terrorism coordination compact replaced counter-Terrorism Implementation Task Force

Objectives of the agreement

  • To bring the UN agencies together to combat terrorism with common approach and find the ways to improve the strategies to support member states.
  • To protect the people from violent extremist groups and hate speeches.
  • To adopt the strategies that do not compromise the international human rights standards and rule of law.
  • To monitor use of technology which is the main source of reaching people globally and manipulate them.
  • To devise the policies that will protect communities and their religious belief.

Despite the previous approaches and initiatives by UN there is still some loopholes in the strategies. There is still threat of terrorism persist. Many countries are high on risk. By these new framework, UN is now taking a step ahead to remove terrorism from the roots.