Crimean Annexation Current Affairs - 2020

G7 summit postponed; To be expanded as G10 or G11

The US President Donald Trump recently announced that the USA is postponing the G7 summit to September 2020. Also, President Trump intends to expand the G7 group to G10 or G11.

On June 2, 2020, US  President Trump invited Indian PM Modi to the G7 summit through telephonic conversation. The Leaders discussed India-China recent Stand Off at the Line of Actual control


The G-7 is a group of seven countries namely France, Canada, Germany, Japan, US and UK. The grouping dies not have a fixed headquarters or a formal constitution. The decision that are taken in the summit are non-binding.

President Trump intends to expand the G7 group by including three other nations namely Australia, Russia, India and South Korea.

About G7

G7 is an inter governmental organization that was formed in 1975. It was formed by the top economies of the world as an informal forum to discuss world issues. Canada joined G7 in 1976 and EU (European Union) began attending G7 meets in 1977.

Russia joined G7 in 1997. Initially G7 was called G8. In 2014, Russia was expelled as it annexed Crimea region of Ukraine to its territory.

G7 VS G20

G20 is a larger group and includes all the G7 members. India is a member of G20. G20 was formed in 1999 as a response to bring more countries to address global economic concerns. G20 makes up 80% of the global economy.

What is Treaty on Open Skies recently in news?

The US President Donald Trump recently announced that USA is to withdraw from Open Skies treaty.

About the Treaty

The Treaty on Open Skies was signed in 2002. The treaty established an aerial surveillance system for its participants. There are 34 members that signed the treaty. Both US and Russia are signatories of the treaty.

Key Features of the treaty

The treaty establishes an region of unarmed aerial observation. The observation is allowed over the territories of the signatories. It enhances mutual understanding and gives confidence to all participants.

The treaty is considered as one of the most wide-ranging arms control effort that promotes transparency and openness amongst military forces.

What is the issue?

The US President has announced withdrawal from the treaty accusing that Russia has not stuck to its part of the deal. This is the third international arms pact the US has pulled out from since Donald Trump became the president.

The US also claims that Russia in the intention of annexing Crimean peninsula has designated an Open Skies refueling airfield in the region.

Signatory countries

The signatory countries of the treaty include UK, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Finland, Portugal, Sweden, Turkey, Belgium, Belarus, Croatia, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Czech republic, Estonia, Denmark, Georgia, Finland, Russia, Iceland, Hungary, Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine and Slovenia.

Kyrgyzstan is the only country that has not ratified the treaty


India has similar treaty with Japan. India and Japan signed open sky agreement in 2017. India signed the agreement in accordance with National Civil Aviation Policy, 2016.