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Karnataka Government approves state flag proposal

Karnataka Government has decided to accept state flag proposed and designed by 9-member committee constituted by state Kannada and Culture department. It will be official flag in place of an unofficial red and yellow flag that is currently used in the state to signify local pride.

Key Facts

The committee has recommended new tricolour having yellow (at top), white (in middle) and red (at bottom) colorus, with state’s emblem Gandaberunda (a two-headed mythological bird) in centre. The white colour in new flag symbolizes peace and captures Karnataka’s image the best, while other two colours are synonymous with Kannada identity. Now state government will make formal application to Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) under whose purview issue falls to amend Flag Code 2002 to included state flag. The amendment will add provisions of including Karnataka flag as one of the symbols in the Flag Code.


If adopted with clearance from MHA, Karnataka will be the second state after Kashmir to have an official state flag. Karnataka has had unofficial state flag since mid-1960s when pro-Kannada groups were agitating against the screening of non-Kannada films in the state. The earlier red and yellow unofficial flag was created by Kannada writer and activist Ma Ramamurthy for pro-Kannada political party called Kannada Paksha. This unofficial flag is flown every year on November 1, Karnataka’s foundation day, and is a common sight at public spaces in the state.

Karnataka already has official state song and there is feeling that there is nothing wrong in having state flag.

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India, Jordan ink 12 agreements

India and Jordan have 12 agreements covering areas as diverse as defence, mass media, health, culture and tourism. These agreements were signed after the highlevel talks between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Jordanian King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein in New Delhi. Jordanian King was on three days visit to India. It was his only second to India, that too after more than a decade.

Signed Agreements are

  • MoU on Defence Cooperation
  • Cultural Exchange Programme (CEP)
  • Customs Mutual Assistance Agreement
  • MoU between PrasarBharati and Jordan TV
  • Twining Agreement between Agra and Petra (Jordan)
  • Visa waiver for diplomatic and official passport holders
  • MoU for long term supply of Rock Phosphate and Fertilizer/NPK
  • MoU for setting up of the next generation Centre of Excellence (COE) in Jordan
  • MoU for cooperation in the field of Health and Medicine between India and Jordan
  • MoU between University of Jordan (UJ) and ICCR regarding setting up of a Hindi Chair at the University
  • Cooperation between Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) and Jordan Media Institute (JMI)

India-Jordan Relations

Both countries had established diplomatic relations in 1950 after India became independent in 1947. Recent years have witnessed decisive impetus to the bilateral partnership. Both countries are facing common threat of terrorism and extremism. Over the last few years, political, security and economic developments in West Asia are helping the two countries re-discover each other.

India is Jordan’s fourth largest trading partner. Bilateral trade between both countries has totalled US $2.2 billion in 2014-15. India exported $1.4 billion worth of goods to Jordan, and imported $857 million. Since 2012-13, the balance of trade has been in India’s favour.

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