Cybersecurity Current Affairs - 2020

Wipro and IIT-Kharagpur partner for Advanced Research

IT services major Wipro has announced a partnership with IIT Kharagpur to undertake industry-focused applied research in the areas of 5G and artificial intelligence (AI).

Collaboration for Advanced Research

  • Wipro and IIT Kharagpur will jointly take up applied research projects on industry challenges related to the design, planning and operations of 5G networks and cognitive information processing for the automation of these processes and 5G use cases.
  • The research will focus on AI research applicable in the healthcare, education and retail sectors as well as in domains such as climate change and cybersecurity.
  • Research outcomes from this partnership will be leveraged by Wipro to develop solutions for its customers, across industry verticals.
  • IIT Kharagpur will benefit from the commercialisation of the joint research insights and Wipro’s industry expertise.
  • Subject matter experts from Wipro and IIT-Kharagpur will promote knowledge sharing through guest lectures, workshops and seminars on 5G and AI.

The collaboration brings together synergies of Wipro’s rich industry technology expertise and understanding of domain-specific business challenges with IIT Kharagpur’s distinguished research capabilities to co-innovate and develop next-generation AI and 5G solutions that will benefit both our clients as well as the industry at large.

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UN Secretary General sets up panel on digital cooperation to tackle cybersecurity threats

United Nations (UN) Secretary General Antonio Guterres has established first-of-its-kind panel on digital cooperation aimed at addressing concerns of cybersecurity threats and rise in hate speech. The high-level panel on digital cooperation will be co-chaired by US philanthropist Melinda Gates and China-based Alibaba founder Jack Ma.

Key Facts

The panel will have 20 members in total and include leaders from technology, public policy, science and academia etc. Senior Indian diplomat Amandeep Singh Gill along with former diplomat Jovan Kurbalija will be executive directors of panel’s secretariat. It will map trends in digital technologies, identify gaps and opportunities and outline proposals for strengthening international cooperation. It will focus on cyber-bullying, abuse rise, fake news, cyber crime and security aspects.


Digital technologies are expanding rapidly and are changing economies and societies at warp speed. At the same time, world is only beginning to address its dark side– such as cybersecurity threats, risks of cyberwarfare  magnification of hate speech and violations of privacy. Global community is also facing uncertainness about security, equity, ethics, and human rights in digital age. Fake news, poisoning of data, electoral manipulation are concerns that have been highlighted by recent developments. So there is need to seize potential of technology while safeguarding against risks and unintended consequences.

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