Dairy Sector Current Affairs - 2020

GoI launches Kisan Credit Card scheme for Dairy Farmers

On June 2, 2020, the Government of India launched Kisan Credit Card campaign to help dairy farmers. The Kisan Credit cards are to be provided to around 1.5 crore dairy farmers.


Under the Scheme, the Government of India is to provide Kisan Credit Cards to farmers that are associated with milk producing companies. The Department of Animal Husbandry has stepped in and circulated the relevant circulars. There are around 1.7 crore farmers that are associated with Milk union in India. They were registered under Dairy Cooperative Movement.

About the Campaign

In the first phase of the campaign, the farmers that are members of the dairy cooperative societies and those that are associated with milk unions are to be covered. For those farmers that already own a Kisan Credit Card based on their land ownership, the credit limit is to be enhanced.


The Kisan Credit Card campaign that provides KCC cards to 1.5 crore dairy farmers is a part of Atma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan. The scheme will also provide additional liquidity of worth Rs 5 lakh crore to farmers that are suffering from COVID-19 economic crisis.

Animal Protection Index: India ranks second

On March 12, 2020, Global Animal Protection Index 2020 was released by World Animal Protection, an international animal welfare charity. India was ranked second in the index.


The Animal Protection Index ranks countries from A to G. India was ranked along with Spain, Mexico, France and New Zealand. In other words, these countries were ranked equally to India. According to the index, they were best performing countries. There are strong laws to protect animals in these countries. However, the laws are not as strict to protect dairy animals.


The index highlighted the works that are required to be done in India to include dairy animals under protection. Also, the index suggested to improve cruelty considerations in the Prevention of Animal Cruelty Act, 1960. Under the act, animals used in scientific research are exempted. Rather Government shall issue guidelines on usage of animals for scientific research.

About the Index

The Index assessed the legislation of 50 countries. It highlighted lack of adequacy in the animal welfare laws globally. The main aim of the index was to help countries to put animal welfare practices of keeping them clean and accommodate sufficient space for them to exhibit their natural behaviours.

Global Ranking

According to the index, the countries that performed weakly included Iran, Morocco, Algeria and Belarus. These countries are missing the basic legal framework.