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7 December: International Civil Aviation Day

The International Civil Aviation Day is observed every year on 7 December across the world to generate and reinforce worldwide awareness of importance of international civil aviation to social and economic development.

It also seeks to highlight unique role of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in helping member states to cooperate and realize a truly global rapid transit network at the service of all mankind.


The International Civil Aviation Day was established in 1994 as part of ICAO’s 50th anniversary activities. It was officially recognised in the UN system by the UN General Assembly in 1996. On this day in 1944, participants from 54 nations gathered in Chicago, US had signed Convention on International Civil Aviation, also known more popularly as the ‘Chicago Convention’. Since then, the defining international agreement has permitted global civil aviation system to develop peacefully, in manner benefitting all nations across the world.

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World Children’s Day observed on November 20

The World Children’s Day also known as Universal Children’s Day is observed every year across the world on 20th November. The purpose of this day is to improve child welfare worldwide, promote and celebrate children’s rights and promote togetherness and awareness amongst all children. This day is promoted and coordinated by United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) which works towards the improvement of children’s welfare.


The World Children’s Day celebrate on 20 November every year was first established as Universal Children’s Day in 1954. Later it was officially adopted by United Nations General Assembly on 14 December 1954 by adopting resolution 836 (IX). This resolution had recommended all the countries to institute a Universal Children’s Day as a day of worldwide fraternity and understanding between children.

Why November 20? It is an important date as it is the date in 1959 when UNGA adopted Declaration of Rights of the Child. It is also the date in 1989 when UNGA adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Since 1990, World Children’s Day also marks the anniversary of the date that UNGA adopted both the Declaration and the Convention on children’s rights.

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