Denmark Current Affairs - 2020

Denmark’s Mogens Lykketoft elected as President of UN General Assembly

Mogens Lykketoft from Denmark was unanimously elected as President of United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). He was only the nominee put forward by the Western Europe and other group (WEOG).

Mogens Lykketoft succeeds Uganda’s Sam Kutesa who was President of 69th session of UNGA. He will preside over the 193-member UNGA in its upcoming 70th session for one-year term.

Presently, Lykketoft is President (speaker) of Denmark’s Parliament since 2011. Earlier he had served as Cabinet Minister in Prime Minister Poul Nyrup Rasmussen led government and had held portfolios such as Finance Minister (1993 to 2000) and Foreign Minister (2000 to 2001).

About UNGA President

President of UNGA presides over the sessions of the General Assembly which is starts begins every year in September.

The President is elected annually on rotational basis between the five geographic groups namely African, Asian, Eastern European, Latin American and Caribbean and Western European and other States

Interesting fact: Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit was first and only Indian to serve as President of UNGA in 1953. She was also the first woman President of UNGA.

India ranked 117 in World Happiness Report 2015

India was placed at 117th position in the recently released World Happiness Report 2015 among the 158 studied nations.

The report was published by the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN).

Key facts from report

  • Top five countries: Switzerland (1st), Iceland (2nd), Denmark (3rd), Norway (4th) and Canada (5th).
  • Bottom five countries: Rwanda (154th), Benin (155th), Syria (156th), Burundi (157th) and Togo (158th).
  • Other countries: United States (15th), United Kingdom (21th), Japan (46th) and China (84th).
  • India is ranked below countries like Pakistan (81st), Bangladesh (109th), Ukraine (111th) and Iraq (112th).

About World Happiness Report

  • The report aims at influencing government policy.
  • The report is prepared based upon study undertaken by Gallup World Poll.
  • The data is used to ranked nations based upon variables such as real GDP per capita, healthy life expectancy, corruption levels and social freedoms.