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Maharashtra Government bans use of plastic

Maharashtra Government has banned use of plastic in time-bound manner, citing environmental and public health concerns. The decision was taken at cabinet meeting led by Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis. The ban will include plastic bags, thermocol, disposable cups and plates, cutlery, non-woven polypropylene bags, plastic pouches and packaging.

Key Facts

The ban exempts plastic used to cover medicines, forest and horticulture products, solid waste, tree saplings and use of plastic in special economic zones (SEZ) for export purposes. Similarly, plastic covers and wrappers used for manufactured and processed products would also be exempted.

The decision will be enforced across rural and urban Maharashtra. All municipal corporations, councils, district collectors and chief executive officers (CEOs) of zilla parishads have been sensitised to ensure its implementation in their respective regions.

All small and medium-scale industries (SMEs) and big industries involved in plastic businesses will be provided adequate time frame to switch over to alternative modes of businesses. Government has recommended various business models along with employment to people engaged in plastic industries.

Government will also provide some incentives to those who strictly adhere to ban decision. There is also proposal to slap penalty such as non-renewing of licences for shops and industries which violate decision.


Maharashtra Government approves 1% reservation for orphans in government jobs

Maharashtra Government has approved 1% reservation for orphans in government jobs d education for orphans in the state under general category. Decision in this regard was taken at state Cabinet meeting Chaired by Devendra Fadnavis.

Key Facts

This reservation provision is termed as parallel reservation. It will be provided under general category, which means government does not need to increase its caste reservation quota that has already reached 52%. Parallel reservation means, of total jobs available under general category, 1% will be reserved only for orphans

The reservation for orphans was needed as they do not know their caste and they cannot be included in specific reservation category, due to which they are deprived of educational, economic and social concessions. The recently approved reservation provision will help in the rehabilitation of orphan kids and help to secure their future. In Maharashtra, 3,900 orphans lived in government-run orphanages. The figure is apart from those living in private orphanages.