Digital India Current Affairs - 2020

Assam launches Sishu Suraksha App for child right violations

On the occasion of Children’s Day on 14 November 2019, the Assam State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (ASCPCR) launched a mobile app called ‘Sishu Suraksha’, an e-complaint box for child right violations. The ASCPCR decided to develop an e-complaint box, keeping in mind the mission of a Digital India.

About Sishu Suraksha App

Objective of App: To empower citizens to take moral responsibility of protecting future generations.

The name Sishu Suraksha means child protection in English. It will enable users from all over Assam to lodge complaints about violation of child rights, in swipe of their fingers.

The e-complaint box will run on android and iOS devices. The app can be used by anyone in the state to lodge a complaint which will be directly registered at Commission.

The app will ease the people as one of the major challenges is that most people are not aware of where to go and report a case of child rights violation.

Need: In monitoring visits to various districts in state, the Assam State Commision for Protection of Child Rights excercising the powers and functions mandated under the Commission for protection of Child Rights Act 2005 (CPCR Act, 2005) observed that the message of protection of rights of children is yet to reach the masses. ASPCR also reported that there has been a 55% increase in number of child trafficking cases in the state in 2019.

Indian Railways launches online applications to strengthen IT enablement

Indian Railways has launched three applications to strengthen its Information Technology (IT)-enabled services which will help ensure proper monitoring of projects being undertaken by Railways. The applications has been launched for all-India roll out and seeks to ensure proper monitoring of projects and boost vision of Digital India.

Online Applications

CRS Sanction Management System: It is an important aspect in construction, maintenance and up-gradation of railway assets in which all works pertains to level crossings (closure, manning, shifting etc.) and minor bridges.

Rail-road crossing GAD approval system: It will expedite preparation, processing and approval of General Agreement Drawings (GADs) related to the construction of Road Over Bridges (ROB) and Road Under Bridges (RUB). This project for online e-Governance platform was developed by Union Ministry of Railways and Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH) and has been running successfully since 2014. Now, a module has been developed to cover cases of construction of ROBs or RUBs for States & Union Territories also.

TMS (Track Management System) for construction: This Application has been developed for new assets being constructed by construction organization. The assets master data can now be regularly filled during stage of construction and completion of assets, by construction/project officials before itself final scrutiny and test check by open line officials.