Disaster Current Affairs - 2020

GoI: Supply of Non-Essential Commodities by E-commerce prohibited during Lock Down

On April 19, 2020, the Government of India ordered that supply of non-essential commodities will remain prohibited during lock down. The order comes when E-Commerce industry geared up to deliver products such as refrigerators and mobile phones to areas that do not fall under COVID-19 hotspots.


The GoI had earlier allowed E-commerce to operate from April 20. Following this, several state governments had issued orders to begin operations of E-commerce. However, this will affect the quarantine operations in hotspots. Therefore, the GoI has exercised the powers of Section 10 (2) of the Disaster Management Act.

Using these powers, the GoI has now prohibited the supply of non-essential commodities during lock down.

Section 10 of Disaster Management Act

The section provides powers to the national executive committee to discharge plans of national authority. The Committee shall be constituted by the Central Government to combat the disaster. Such a committee had earlier been constituted to act and monitor COVID-19 disaster. It also has powers to lay down guidelines to prepare disaster management plans. Under this power, the centre has banned the sale of non-essential goods in the country by the E-Commerce groups.


Indian Army supports Narela Quarantine Centre

The Indian Army is to extend its support to the Narela Quarantine Centre. It is the largest quarantine centre in the country and was established by the Delhi Government.


Initially, the quarantine facility had 250 foreign nationals. Later, an additional strength of 1000 more were added. A team of Army doctors and nurses are assisting the centre from April 1, 2020.

Indian Armed Forces

There are four main tasks of Indian Armed Forces. They are

  • To assert territorial integrity of India
  • To defend the country when it is attacked by foreign nation
  • To take part in United Nations Peace Keeping operations
  • To support civil communities in disasters.

Under these rules, the Indian Army has stepped in to support the quarantine. The rules have been listed in Army Rules, 1954. The guidelines to set quarantine facilities were provided by the National Centre for Disease Control. A person is to be placed in quarantine for 14 days for him to recover.