Disaster Current Affairs - 2020

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Foundation Stone for Lighthouse at Dhanushkodi laid

On February 18, 2020, foundation stone for a 50-metre high foundation stone laid at Dhanushkodi in Rameswaram. This is the fifth lighthouse in the region


The light house is to be built at a cost of Rs 8 crore rupees. The lighthouse is to be located opposite to the old church that was destroyed in a cyclone in 1964. It will facilitate navigation to 33 to 37 km from the sea shore.

A radar is to be fixed at the top of the light house for surveillance. The light house is to completely operate with solar energy.


The lighthouse will help to guide fishermen and will also act as tourist attraction. The Light house is also important for the naval commands. There are four Naval Commands namely Western Naval Command, Eastern Naval Command, Southern Naval Command and Andaman and Nicobar Naval Command.

The INS Rajali and INS Agrani Naval Stations in Tamil Nadu operate under Southern Naval Command and the light house will be of great help for them.


Dhanushkodi is an abandoned town at the southern tip of India. The town was completely destroyed by the Rameswaram Cyclone in 1964. The town is separated from the mainland by Palk Strait.

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UN’s IFAD Governing Council: Climate Change will push 100 millions to poverty

The Governing Council of International Fund for Agriculture let in Rome recently. The council says that by 2030 around 100 million people will be pushed to poverty. The council also said that this is mainly due to climate change impact on agriculture.


The Government representatives and global development from all over the world attended the 43rd Governing Council of IFAD. The Council reported that around 90% of 17.2 million people displaced were due to climate-related disasters.


The council suggest that there is an urgent need to invest on rural development. This will help avoid the catastrophes arising due to climate change.

Other causes of Poverty

Apart from climate change, conflicts are the other major cause of poverty and hunger. The Council says that in Africa alone, the conflicts have risen by 36% between 2018 and 2019.

Effect on Agriculture

Disasters and Conflicts greatly affect agriculture. They stop agricultural production and stops millions from lifting themselves from their poor conditions.

The recent Locusts attacks in East Africa and West Asia are the best instances for climate change affecting agriculture. The locusts made longer stay as the temperatures were favourable for them. Usually, the cold drives them away. Due to increase in global temperature, they made longer stay.

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