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Pangolin identified as the host of Corona Virus in China

On February 7, 2020, the most trafficked mammal of Asia, Pangolin was identified as the host of the virus by the researchers of China. According to them, the outbreak that killed around 636 people in China has started from a market in Wuhan city through Pangolin.


The Genome sequence of the corona virus separated from Pangolin was 99% identical to those of the virus stains obtained from infected persons in China. Earlier in 2002-03, when the SARS outbreak occurred, the virus transferred to humans from civet (a mammal). Civet is prized in China for its flesh. The sale of Civet was outlawed in China in the wake of SARS epidemic.

Pangolin is used in medicines in China. Also, they are traded for their flesh. The investigations suspect that the virus has entered China through Pangolin trade.


There are 8 species of Pangolins all over the world. They are listed under threatened in IUCN red list. Pangolins have the highest protection under CITES. The international trade of Pangolins has been banned.

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Corona virus: G7 Health Ministerial meet, China’s New Hospital, Travel ban by 4 countries

The Corona Virus death toll has increased to 360. The WHO has also declared International Health Emergency over the outbreak of the virus. The G7 countries are to conduct a Ministerial level health meet to discuss measures to prevent the further spread of the disease.

G7 meet

The health ministers of G7 grouping that comprises of USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy and Japan are to meet to discuss the epidemic being caused by the Corona virus. The Minsters will discuss a joint response to the epidemic.

The virus has so far reached 24 countries and infected 14,500 people

Travel Ban

The four countries Australia, US, New Zealand and Israel has imposed travel ban to the people who have recently visited China. This will certainly affected trade and business of China. The Chinese share markets are already slowing down.

Borders closed

The four countries Nepal, Russia and Mongolia have closed their borders with China.

China’s new hospital

China’s speed-built hospital in the city of Wuhan comprises of 1000 beds. The hospital was built in just 8 days. There are more than 21,558 suspected cases and 152,700 under watch cases in the country.

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