Domestic Violence Current Affairs - 2020

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Commonwealth launches Peace in the Home programme to stamp out domestic violence

The Commonwealth of Nations has launched “Peace in the home” programme to help member states tackle domestic violence which still remains a “stubborn stain” on communities, disproportionately impacting women.

The programme was launched on Women’s Day (March 8) and will continue through till 2018 when there is expected to be an accord on ending domestic violence in the Commonwealth.

Key features of the home programme
  • It will build a coalition of governments, businesses, human rights institutions, civil society and individual citizens to choral our efforts to address domestic violence.
  • It will include toolkits to help governments across Commonwealth involve multiple agencies such as schools, hospitals and doctors as well as government and law enforcement agencies to work together effectively
  • It will help countries highlight and share details of initiatives that had been particularly successful at dealing with domestic violence.
  • It will also be a mentoring programme for women and an initiative to address the issue of violence around elections and politics. 

About Commonwealth of Nations

  • It is an international intergovernmental organisation of countries that were mostly former territories of the British Empire and dependencies. It was established by the London Declaration in 1949.
  • Many countries from Africa, Asia, Americas, Europe and the Pacific have joined the Commonwealth. Current membership includes 52 counties (including India). Membership is based on free and equal voluntary co-operation.
  • Queen Elizabeth II is the Head of the Commonwealth. She is also the monarch of 16 members of the Commonwealth, known as Commonwealth realms.

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China’s Parliament adopts country’s first law against domestic violence

China’s Parliament has adopted the country’s first law against domestic violence that prohibits any form of domestic violence, including psychological abuse.

The legislation was approved at the end of a week-long bimonthly session of the National People’s Congress (NPC) Standing Committee, the top organ of China’s parliament.

Key facts

  • The law aims at bringing traditionally silent abuse victims, including couples who are in live-in relationship under legal protection.
  • It prohibits any form of domestic violence in China and formally defines domestic violence.
  • It streamlines the process for obtaining restraining orders including measures long advocated by anti-domestic abuse groups.
  • Under this bill, victims and those in immediate danger of domestic violence can file for a personal protection order that must be granted by court or denies within 72 hours.
  • In urgent cases, the court must take decisions must within 24 hours. The order granted by court may prohibit the abuser from harassing, stalking or contacting the applicant and his or her close relatives.
  • For violation of protection order, the abuser may be fined up to 1,000 yuan and detained for up to 15 days or face criminal charges in serious offences.

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