Drugs Current Affairs - 2020

Third Phase of Lock Down begins

On May 4, 2020, the third phase of Lock down begun all over India. The Ministry of Home Affairs had issued relaxations in lower risk districts.

What is prohibited all over India?

Under Lock Down 3.0, travel by road is prohibited all over India. The Educational institutes, schools, training institutes are to remain closed all over the country. The hospitality sector that includes restaurants and hotels are to remain closed. Public, political or religious gatherings are prohibited. Movement of people between 7 pm and 7 am for non-essential activities are prohibited.

What is prohibited in Red Zone?

Inside containment zones, all activities except supply of essential commodities is prohibited in lock down 3.0. Even OPDs and medical clinics are to remain closed in these regions

What is allowed in red zone?

Urban Areas

The Lock Down 3.0 allows movement of people and vehicles. The other activities that are included in the red zone includes

  • Manufacturing of essential drugs and medical supplies.
  • Manufacturing of IT hardware and jute industry.
  • Private offices can run with a strength of 33%
  • Government offices, emergency, sanitation, health and security services.
  • E-Commerce activities of essential goods

Rural Areas

  • Agricultural, plantation and animal husbandry activities
  • Industrial and Construction activities
  • Financial sectors
  • Warehouses, public utilities, postal services and courier services.

Orange Zone

In Orange Zone, inter and intra district buses that are permitted by Ministry of Home Affairs will begin their services.

Green Zone

All activities are allowed in green zone. The buses in green zones shall operate with 50% capacity.

Alzheimer Inhibitor developed by Jawaharlal Nehru Centre of Advanced Scientific Research

The scientists of Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (JNCASR) operating under Department of Science and Technology has invented a natural product for Alzheimer disease.


Alzheimer’s is a disorder that accounts for more than 70% of all types of dementia. It is difficult to develop effective medication for the disease as the disease attributes to multifaceted toxicity.

The Berberine used in traditional medicines has been converted into Ber-D. Ber-D is antioxidant and soluble. On the other hand, Berberine is toxic to cells and poorly soluble.

The natural product called Isoquinoline is also used. Isoquinoline is found in India and China and has been used in traditional medicines.


The Ber-D invented prevents generation of Reactive Oxygen Species. It rescues biomacromolecules from oxidative damages. It prevents the accumulation of metal-dependent and independent Amyloid Beta. Amyloid Beta are the peptides of amino acids that build up around the brain cells.

Cause of Alzheimer

The disease is caused due to abnormal build up of protein around the brain cells. Proteins are made up of amino acids. Therefore, the drug invented prevents deposition of these proteins called Amyloid Beta around the brain cells.

The medicine invented also helps to prevent DNA damages.