Dubai Current Affairs - 2020

World Government Summit 2019

The seventh annual World Government Summit is being held in Dubai (UAE). The World Government Summit is a forum dedicated to shaping the future of governments. The Summit is being attended by 4,000 decision-makers from 140 countries including heads of state, ministers and business leaders.

World Government Summit

The World Government Summit is a global platform dedicated to shaping the future of governments worldwide. The Summit:

  • Sets the agenda each year for the next generation of governments, focusing on how they can harness innovation and technology to solve universal challenges facing humanity.
  • Provides a unique platform to showcase and exchange best practices and smart solutions to the challenges that nations face.

About the Organisation

The World Government Summit is a neutral, non-profit organization at the intersection of government and innovation. The World Government Summit functions as a knowledge exchange platform for leaders in the public and private sectors to convene and collaborate with world-renowned experts to create a positive impact for citizens worldwide.

The Organisation comprises a wide network of leaders of the public and private sectors and inspires them to think collectively and creatively about disruptive intersections between government and innovation, with the ultimate goal of promoting development and prosperity.

Kim Jong-yang of South Korea elected as new President of Interpol

Kim Jong Yang of South Korea was elected Interpol President for two-year term by member countries at 87th General Assembly of Interpol, held for first time in Dubai. He secured at least two-thirds of votes cast at general assembly and defeated Russia’s Alexander Prokopchuk. He will serve until 2020, completing the four-year mandate of his predecessor, Meng Hongwei, who was detained in China over corruption charges.  


Interpol is global police co-operation agency and a non-governmental organization (NGO). It was established as the International Criminal Police Commission (ICPC) in 1923. Its headquartered is located at Lyon, France.  It is the world’s largest international police organization, with 194 member countries (including India). It is second-largest international organization after United Nations in terms of international representation.

Its work focuses on public safety and battling terrorism, crimes against humanity, genocide, war crimes, environmental crime etc. It seeks to facilitate international police cooperation even where diplomatic relations do not exist between particular countries. It ensures that police around world have access to tools and services necessary to do their jobs effectively. It also provides targeted training, expert investigative support, relevant data and secure communications channels.